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Overall an ambitious project with some good scenes & imagary. I am glad you have decided to design your own assets as this is what will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Sci-fi setting inspired by blade runner & memoirs of a geisha makes for a good concept it seems.

The atmosphere was good especially leading up to the end, the corridoor section was very tense all the way up until the end where unfortunately the Geisha creature sound effect let it all down. As this is still in development I would suggest a more scary tone is used to portray the creature at the end, overall though great job & I look forward to the next update.


Not bad. Nice atmosphere and the puzzles were pretty good even though I kinda stumbled my way through them. I did get stuck once with a bug but I don't see anyone else mentioning it in the comments so I think it was just me.


Not a bad concept! Looking forward to more in the release!


really a good game as a drmo but still there are some thing that need work on but i can really see the concept you have in mind and would love to play the full game i have talked about some thing in my video as well and i hope you enjoy the video


I can see you guys have some interesting ideas floating around but it still seems pretty early on. I know this is still a demo so I think there's some promise here, given enough time and polish. I included a short video below of my take on it, if you're interested.


Wow, very good video and review, it is true that there is still a lot to polish and that the end is not as we would like it to be, but we had to adapt to the short time we had to finish the game. Anyway, we'll keep working, thank you for helping us and letting us know your opinion!!

Thanks! Best of luck with it. I think you'll be able to make it great!


This game was fun i like it and i liked the blade runner style. i look forward to the full release if you would like to see my playthrou here it is: 

enjoy 😉👍

Gave it a go...


Played this for a 3 free indie horrors, not a bad game. If you're looking for feedback and an in-depth, honest review, I give one at the end of my video.


wow brilliant thanks really enjoyed it here is my blind playthrough

Very nice gameplay, thanks for playing our game!


Thanks for sending me an email about this game, it was a fun game.  I liked the puzzles.  The atmosphere was nice, but rather dark and kind of hard to see certain parts of this game.  


Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate your opinion and your comments, glad you liked it! 


Cannot wait for the full release!

If you liked the video below, my channel is full of content just like this one!

so hit the link below to check more out!

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We laughed a lot watching your reactions! Very good video and channel, thanks for the feedback Jonny.

Thank you for watching! I look forward to the full release!


Very cool game. I like the setting of futuristic japan. 

We really enjoyed your gameplay!!! Thanks for the tips, kind of videos like yours helps us a lot.

i cannot download it as of rn, will there be a windows version available i would love to play it.

Yes, there's actually a windows version available, try to download it again!

el juego esta en español?

solamente en inglés

mierda jaja, espero que en algun tiempo tenga español. gracias por responder

Quizás en un futuro se pueda traducir al español! Gracias a ti.

aah esta bien, lo voy a estar esperando gracias <3


Really nice Atmosphere, nice puzzles but the end ??? Maybe a screamer can be great !
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We already change it! Thank you so much for your feedback and your gameplay.

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Very well done!  Atmosphere is good, interesting story,  good puzzles.  Everything is a bit dark,  but I managed to stumble through it and complete the whole thing! 


Thank you so much for your gameplay, it's really joyful. We appreciate your feedback!


Muy bueno la ambientación invita a seguir jugando. Espero pronto ver más.

Muchas gracias por jugarlo y por darnos el feedback! <3

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This was quite interesting!! We are curious to see more!!  We actually made it through the entire game!! 


Thank you!


A really nice game with a really nice atmosphere! Well done!

Thank you so much! We appreciate your comment, we'll keep trying to improve the game!


SO SO NICE First Nice Impressions !!! Proud of you!!!


Nice gameplay!!!! Waiting for the second part



Thank you for your gameplay and your feedback! Is really nice.


not sure i understand the atm puzzle

Keep trying and explore the environment! :)

I figured that but since all doors are closed now i cant really explore anymore :)

check out the lanterns near the door

I can find 394 for the first code but can't find the last number great atmosphere in this game.

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If you turn off the lights some objects or numbers are gonna shine, try to see which ones! 


A very immersive game, with a great atmosphere. CONGRATS!

Thanks! <3


The game is amazing, it's very short but it makes me to want moreeee. Congratulations for this proyect. <3

Thank you so much! For streaming our game and giving us your opinion. 

how do i interact with the code in the battery charger outside? cant do anything. And yes i have put the battery in. But i cant interact with the password screen at all.??

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Hey, yes. You have to press “Esc” so you can see the mouse icon and put the password. Sorry for that, today we’ll fix that error.

Thank you for letting us know about it.

hi, i polayed it but i can't open somthing with the code. i press 4 numbers but nothing happend 9,3,7,9 ? is this wright? greetings

Greetings! That combination is almost correct, keep searching and try again please.

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